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Momentum Transfer Devise

We are working it design a creative lab environment with advanced technologies, aimed at giving university students and researchers an affordable Space Laboratory. 

Man has been flying in space for over five decades, and yet access to space remains highly limited.  The high cost of access to space via traditional means, including government-supported space agencies, remains an insurmountable financial burden for most, not to mention the limitation of access to very few countries with fully realized space programs. Such limitations restrict the advancement of microgravitational science, as some of the most brilliant minds on the planet remain unable to access this unique scientific environment.

Through the advent of commercial spaceflight, this limitation is poised to change dramatically and suddenly, opening a vast array of opportunities to rapidly advance microgravity sciences. In an effort to provide such opportunities to all individuals, regardless of their country of origin or the presence of a national space agency, Excalibur Almaz USA proposes, with reusable flight hardware, the development of an international partnership program to advance the scientific applications of commercial spaceflight within an international audience. 


Spacelab Affordable Space Laboratory

Zelon Robotic Astronaut  Pat. Pend. with  U.S. Patent 

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