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Solar Power Microwave Fabric 

The PowerStar™ utilizes our patented solar powered fabric material capable of collecting solar energy and beaming over great distances through the use of microwave beaming


Space-based applications:

Space-based solar power is the concept of harnessing solar power in space for use on Earth. Unlike current collection methods where the means for collecting solar 45 energy reside on Earth, space-based solar power allows for the capturing of solar energy in space. By transitioning the point of collection to space, solar power can be captured more efficiently. The advantages of space-based solar power are twofold; a higher collection rate and a longer collection 50 period. Because there is no atmosphere in lower Earth orbit to diffuse the energy transmitted by the sun, space-based solar power is more efficient than current solar power capturing methods. Additionally, the collection means in space-based solar power can constantly face the sun (i.e. no 55 night) thereby overcoming the issue of intermittent genera­tion. 

Ground-based applications:

This solar powered microwave fabric material may be used to cover a portion of the ground and could collect solar energy while the sun shines on the fabric.  That solar energy may be stored using suitable electrical storage devices.  The energy may then be used to power electrical devices.  Alternatively, using the fabric's phase array microwave transmitters, the power could be transmitted in the form of microwave radiation to a target within visual distance of the fabric.  Being transmitted at the speed of light, the microwave energy could be used to super-heat a target.  

Example - ground based military station defense. When coupled with a suitable detection and targeting system, the microwave energy transmitted from the fabric could be use to defend against incoming vehicles or munitions.  Furthermore, the fact that the transmission of microwave energy occurs at the speed of light means that the system could potentially defeat any type of conventional munition, no matter the speed at which it is travelling.

System and Method for Collection and Distribution of Space Based Solar Power

Inventor Dr. Hyland  USA & Foreign Pat. Pend. 

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