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Atmospheric Descent System

System and method for controlled reentry of an atmosphere using a hypersonic decelerator and a dynamically skipping trajectory


A system that uses a single controlled, or multiple uncontrolled, hypersonic decelerators to control the angle of attack of an object entering into and traveling through an atmosphere in order to cause the object to alternate between series of positive and negative lift characteristics which cause it to engage in a "skipping" reentry trajectory.  The system may allow for controlled or un-controlled reentry of an object to experience significantly lower acceleration forces than what is currently known in the art.


  • Uncontrolled low-g ballistic reentry

  • Controlled low-g reentry

  • Allows for return of sensitive materials to the surface of a celestial body having an atmosphere

  • Allows for reduction of eccentricity of the orbit of a space object

System for Controlled Re-Entry (Skipper)

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Flight Parabola

Tether Configuration

Skipper Details and Reports 

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