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Art Dula

Chairman, Founder


Art Dula is a renowned spaceflight visionary, an entrepreneur championing commercial space flight, an international business leader, and a recognized aerospace attorney. Mr. Dula has over 30 years’ experience including startup support for many new spaceflight companies including Eagle Aerospace Inc., Space Services Inc. which launched the first private US space vehicle, Spacehab Inc. which built the Spacehab modules for the NASA Space Shuttle, Space Commerce Corporation (Dula was Director and President for the first US-Russian aerospace joint venture), and legal guidance to Ad Astra Rocket Company presently under NASA contract for future deep-space programs. His history demonstrates legal work on inter-national space challenges to the US Congress such as "Space Stations and the Law: Selected Legal Issues", plus support to drafting the law controlling the licensing of private space launch services. He has been a NASA consultant on Space Shuttle contracts and legal advisor for International Space Station issues.

Dula’s background in academic and international areas encompass such as Professor of Space Law at the University of Houston School of Law, charter member of the International Space University Founders Association, past Chairman of the American Bar Association’s Section on Science & Technology, member of the International Institute of Space Law, Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Professor of Law at the Institute of State and Law in Moscow,  a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society and member of  the International Academy of Aeronautics. He maintains international relations with space flight professionals including from Russia, Japan, the European Union, Canada, China and others. Mr. Dula also serves as Literary Executor of the Robert A. Heinlein Estate and Trustee of the Heinlein Prize Trust. 

Mr. Dula holds a J.D. degree from Tulane University, a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern New Mexico University, with further recognition through the U.S. National Space Society’s Space Pioneer award, both the Korolev and Gagarin Medals of the Russian Federation of Cosmonautics, the Brennen Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Akron, the Pioneer of New Space prize by the Space Frontier Foundation and the 2012 International Space Development Conference award for Space Entrepreneurship.

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