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Momentum Transfer Device

​​​To understand the Epitaxial Device, we first need to familiarize ourselves with some essential concepts. 


The Static Casimir Effect is the attraction of two metal plates in a vacuum, resulting in vacuum energy from "empty space" exerting a force on physical objects. When the metallic plates are separated by a distance of about 10 atomic diameters, the Casimir force is roughly equal to air pressure at sea level.


The Dynamical Casimir Effect is produced when a conductive plate is moved at relativistic speed.   When the speed of the conductor approaches the speed of light, some particles become real, causing the moving conductor to transfer momentum from the Ground State.

The Ground State is the state of a physical system, such as an atom or ion having the least energy of all possible states. Want to know more?


The Excited State is the state of a physical system with a higher energy field than the Ground State, or in other words, the state in which we exist. Want to know more?.

Zero-Point Energy refers to random quantum fluctuations of the electromagnetic (and other) force fields present everywhere in the vacuum; in other words, an 'empty' vacuum is actually a seething cauldron of energy. Want to know more?


Want to Know Even More?

WTF is Zero-Point Energy and How it Could Change the World?

Now that we have our terms identified let's explore the amazing Epitaxial Device.

First off, the Epitaxial Device is NOT a perpetual motion machine; for example, think of the standard heat pump.


In much the same way a heat pump transfers hot and cold air from one area to another, the Epitaxial Device transfers energy from the Ground State (Zero-point energy)  to an Excited State by way of the Dynamical Casimir Effect.  


Inventor Dr. Hyland  USA & Foreign Pat. Pend. 

The Epitaxial Device operates by applying an electric field to conductive plates positioned within a large-scale semi-conducting Epitaxial structure. 


Without requiring mechanical motion, the Epitaxial Device can transfer a tremendous amount of energy from a vacuum (Zero-point energy) to an Excited State generating a Dynamical Casimir Force strong enough to be useful for propulsion and other purposes. 


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