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Proprietary noise reduction and phase correlation and correction processing allows for extremely high resolution imaging using a distributed array of relatively low-tech sensors 

Optical Sensing Array


Opportunities and Challenges of Intensity Correlating Imaging:

  • Does not require the propagation of collected light beams to combiner units. Routing optics and beam combiners are eliminated.

  • Does not require nanometer level control of nor knowledge of the relative positions of the optical components.

  • SNR does not suffer from beam splitting and the throughput losses that plague amplitude interferometry.

  • ICI does not require diffraction limited optics, since the sole purpose of each telescope is to place photons onto a photo detector.

  • ICI is insensitive to atmospheric turbulence and therefore can be used by ground based, as well as space based facilities.

  • Estimating coherence magnitude from intensity cross correlations has low SNR -> Very long averaging times.*

  • Coherence phase must be reconstructed in order to compute the image. (very large dimension, highly nonlinear)*

*Recent advances in phase retrieval solve both problem

System and Method of Reducing Noise

Using Phase Retrieval

Inventor Dr. Hyland  Patent Pending

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