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EA USA Bulldog Affordable Space Transport

We set as our goal a development of the reusable, scalable Earth-to-Space transportation system, that would be able to deliver payloads to the Earth orbit with the minimum expenses. The basic design concept of the Bulldog rocket system is a trifacial pyramidical truss frame structure, which picks up and distributes the static and dynamic loads, including the engine thrust load. Such a structural system can be built at a launch site from prefabricated parts. The manufacturing and assembling technologies are similar to those applied in building construction, and the parts are put together with threaded joints


  • Usage of the engineering materials freely available on the market;

  • Application of the general construction building technology for the framework assembly;

  • A possibility to build the rocket with a minimum site preparation (the example to consider is the assembling of Starship/Superheavy system at Boca Chica) not far away from the launch site;

  • A possibility to launch from water without engaging with a complex ground-based infrastructure.

Expected Benefits:

  • economy on the development cost, manufacturing cost, and, as the consequence, a decreased launch cost.

  • Improved scaling potential when compared to conventional launch vehicles.

Additional Possibilities:

  • The second stage is potentially usable as a pressure-tight structural element of a large space station.

  • A decreased launch cost allows to employ the system for clustered launching of small satellites to form or replenish low Earth's orbit satellite constellations, and also for delivering of propellant components to orbital refueling stations

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