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An Epitaxial Device for Dynamic Interaction with the Vacuum State (U.S./International pat. pend.)

Updated: May 18, 2021

Dr. David Hyland, Director, Space Science and Space Engineering Research at Texas A&M University presents "An Epitaxial Device for Dynamic Interaction with the Vacuum State." (U.S. and International patents pending)

  • Over 60 years ago, H. B. G. Casimir and D. Polder [1, 2] explained the retarded van der Waals force in terms of the zero-point energy of a quantized field.

  • Regarding the pressure on moving mirrors due to the dynamic Casimir effect, Neto and colleagues, [3-7], took a perturbative approach on the assumption that the mirror motion is << than the wavelengths of interest. (causality issues?)

  • Maclay and Forward, [8], used this work to investigate the Dynamic Casimir effect as a propulsive mechanism. – Duetothehighfrequenciesofmirrormotionneeded,theyconcluded that owing to the limited strength of materials, the maximum amplitudes must be at the nanometer scale.

  • Recent progress (including other work presented at this workshop!) has provided experimental support

  • This presentation describes an idea to attain large amplitudes, and develops analysis to support manufacture of a test item.

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